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Article processing charges to publish in Medwave

All of the articles published in the journal are open access. To download the PDFs, users must register at no cost in the journal’s database. This will also enable table of content alerts. Open access ensures that everyone has access to new knowledge, both professionals and patients and stakeholders. We are advocates of open communities that share instead of putting up paywalls between people and knowledge. However, publishing a high-quality scientific journal entails costs, and since there is no public financing to help us, we must charge author fees.

Peer-review processing charge

Given our high rejection rate, and the significant work that the editorial office puts into managing the whole peer review process, we have decided to charge a fixed fee of USD 100 to all manuscripts submitted to our system. We call this a peer review processing charge.

Accepted manuscript publication charge

If the submitted manuscript is accepted to be published in the journal, the corresponding author will have to ensure that a fee of USD 500 is paid. This is the publication charge. Publication fee for research protocols is USD 300. Publication fee for letters to the editor is USD 100. 

Initial evaluation of submitted manuscript

When an author submits a manuscript into our online OJS system, he or she will have to declare that the authors are willing to pay an initial processing charge of USD 100. This will ensure that the manuscript is sent out for peer review. If the submitted paper is not consistent with the journal’s purpose, it will be archived and no charge will be made.

How to pay

Once the editorial office verifies that the submitted manuscript is consistent with the journal’s purpose, they will notify the authors that they have to pay the peer-review processing charge. They will receive a PayPal invoice for USD 100. Only after the office has checked that the amount has been paid, the manuscript will be assessed to see whether formal requisites are complied with. After verifying compliance, the manuscript will go out to peer-review.

Once the manuscript is accepted

If the manuscript is accepted, the authors will receive another PayPal invoice for USD 500. The article will be published only after payment has been received and the full English version has been provided. The latter is a very important requisite in that we must ensure broad article impact. We will deposit the aicle in MEDLINE only once the English version has been published. 


Authors may request that invoices be issued to their institutions or to whomever they instruct. Medwave Estudios Limitada, the Journal's publisher, will issue the invoice.

Can I request for a waiver?

We urge all authors to make an effort to contribute to the financial sustenance of the journal, as this benefits us all. If there is an author, or a group of authors, that do not have sufficient funds to pay the full fee, we will request a contribution according to their means. Authors must express their requests at the beginning of the submission process in the cover letter. We will decide on a case-by-case basis.

Discounts and waivers

Authors who wish to submit letters to the editor should request discount in the cover letter attached to the submission. Letters will be peer-reviewed if the editor-in-chief deems appropriate. Letters that critically comment published articles in the journal will be especially considered for discounts in article processing charges.

Reason Waivers and discounts Observations
Corresponding author comes from a low-income country according to the World Bank classification* 100% Automatically applied upon submission, authors will receive a letter from the assistant editor stating that no charges are due
Corresponding author comes from a low-middle-income country according to the World Bank* 60% Automatically applied upon submission, authors will receive a letter from the assistant editor stating that no charges are due
Corresponding author peer-reviewed one or more manuscripts for the journal in the previous 12 months 25% Applies to one submission and must be requested in the cover letter upon submission
Corresponding author is associate editor or a member of the editorial board 50% Applies to all submissions during period of appointment and must be requested in the cover letter upon submission; only applies to publicacation fee, not submission fee
First author is an undergraduate student 40% Must be requested in the cover letter upon submission and must be backed by a recently-issued certificate issued by the student’s institution that accredits undergraduate status; only applies to publication fee, not submission fee
Former author program: corresponding author has a published paper in the past 12 months for which a full author processing charge has been paid   25% Applies to one submission and must be requested in the cover letter upon submission

First author has abstract accepted to congress proceedings published in Medwave and was invited to submit the manuscript


Discount applies only to manuscript presenting full results of the abstract that was published in the journal; author should request discount in the cover letter upon submission

* https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/articles/906519-world-bank-country-and-lending-groups

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