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Osteomyelitis due to Shewanella putrefaciens: case report and literature review

Osteomielitis por Shewanella putrefaciens: reporte de caso y revisión de literatura


Shewanella putrefaciens is a Gram-negative bacillus and marine pathogen that rarely causes disease in humans. We report a case of osteomyelitis by this organism in a 48-year-old male patient, who presented with pain and erythema of the right foot that was initially diagnosed as cellulitis and did not revert despite treatment. He was transferred to Lima where osteomyelitis was diagnosed and started on empirical treatment with partial regression. A biopsy and culture of the compromised area found S. putrefaciens. The infection was treated according to the antibiotic sensitivity profile of the pathogen. S. putrefaciens infection represents a rare opportunistic infection of devitalized or exposed areas of the body. It is associated with residence in coastal areas and commonly affects the skin and soft tissues. Exceptional cases of osteomyelitis have been reported, but this is the first that involves the metatarsal bones.

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