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A case report of granuloma faciale, an uncommon cutaneous vasculitis

Reporte de caso de granuloma facial, una vasculitis cutánea infrecuente


Granuloma faciale is an uncommon benign dermatosis, with unknown etiology, usually asymptomatic, characterized by chronic inflammation localized in sun-exposed areas of the face with a characteristic histological pattern. Although response to treatment is variable, there are multiple therapeutic alternatives that have been reported to be effective in some patients, including systemic treatments with steroids and dapsone or also topical treatments like intralesional corticosteroid, cryotherapy and calcineurin inhibitors, such as tacrolimus. We present the case of an adult patient with an asymptomatic erythematous-violet plaque on the right cheek, with progressive slow growth over two years, clinically and histologically and pathologically compatible with a facial granuloma. The patient responded well to intralesional corticosteroids.

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