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Research paper
A cross-sectional study on the environmental culture and occupational health of informal waste pickers in Lima, Peru
Kelly Myriam Jiménez-de-Aliaga, Mónica Elisa Meneses-La-Riva, Brenda Esther Gutiérrez-Orellana, Nérida Gladys Rey-Córdova, Josefina Amanda Suyo Vega, Jorge Luis Aníbal Baldárrago-Baldárrago, Liz Maribel Robladillo-Bravo, Lenin Iván Jiménez-Sánchez (Peru)
Medwave 2020;20(6):e7952
Clinical practice
Implications of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) for the anesthesiological practice
Gabriel Enrique Mejía Terrazas, Eunice López Muñoz (México)
Medwave 2020;20(6):e7950
Original paper
Factors associated with stress fracture: A case-control study in a Peruvian navy medical center
John C Becerra Sandoval, Lissette Ventura Huamán, Jhony A De La Cruz-Vargas (Perú)
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7936
Diagnostic accuracy of salivary biomarkers for oral cancer and potentially malignant disorders: A systematic review protocol
Meisser Madera, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco, Ivan Solà, Xavier Bonfill, Ingrid Arévalo-Rodriguez (Colombia, España, Argentina)
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7941
Research paper
Incidence, risk factors and case fatality rate for hip fracture in Chile: A cross-sectional study based on 2017 national registries
Maximiliano Barahona, Álvaro Martínez, Julián Brañes, Daniel Rodríguez, Cristian Barrientos (Chile).
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7939
Ethical allocation of scarce health-care resources in the context of the COVID-19 crisis
Bernardo Aguilera (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7932
Are oral oestrogens effective in preventing urinary tract infection in postmenopausal woman
Viviana Castro Muñoz, Juan Pablo Canales Peñailillo, Gabriel Rada (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(05):e7914
Reminder sent by mail to increase adherence to influenza vaccination
Nicole Silva, Camila Julio, Ángela Ortigoza (Chile)
Medwave 2019;19(12):e7746
Ibuprofen versus acetazolamide for prevention of acute mountain sickness
Maximilian Schilling, Sebastián Irarrázaval (Chile)
Medwave 2019;20(05):e7732
Letter to the editor
Learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic: An initiative of Latin American students
Telmo Rau Aveiro Róbalo, Luciana Daniela Garlisi Torales (Paraguay).
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7933
Clinical practice
A current view on the early diagnosis and treatment of acute kidney failure
Bastian Abarca Rozas, Manuel Mestas Rodríguez, Jorge Widerström Isea, Beatriz Lobos Pareja, Jocelyn Vargas Urra (Chile).
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7928
Physicians’ perspectives about medical sources of information: protocol for an overview of systematic reviews
Gabriela Urrea, Natalia Carvajal-Juliá, Camila Arcos, Javier Pérez-Bracchiglione (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7921
Research paper
Road traffic accidents of the elderly in Chile between the years 2008-2017: A register-based descriptive study
Gonzalo Bravo, Giuliano Duarte, Jaime Cerda, Héctor Castellucci (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(4):e7924
Methodological note
How to interpret clinical trials with sequential analysis that were stopped early
Luis Ignacio Garegnani, Marcelo Arancibia, Eva Madrid, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7930
Review article
Dental recommendations in the COVID-19 pandemic: A narrative review
Juan Pablo Vargas Buratovic, Francisca Verdugo Paiva, Claudia Véliz Paiva, Elizabeth López Tagle, Alexis Ahumada Salinas, Duniel Ortuño Borroto (Chile).
Medwave 2020;20(5):e7916
A scoping review of the payment mechanisms in childbirth of country members and non-members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Karla Hernández-Sánchez, Daniela Hernández-Carrión, Daniela Paredes-Fernández (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(4):e7910