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Evidence synthesis relevant to COVID-19: a protocol for multiple systematic reviews and overviews of systematic reviews
Gabriel Rada, Francisca Verdugo-Paiva, Camila Ávila, Macarena Morel-Marambio, Rocío Bravo-Jeria, Franco Pesce, Eva Madrid, Ariel Izcovich (Chile).
Medwave 2020;20(3):e7867
Review Article
Characteristics of compulsory service programs for medical professionals in the Andean states
Guido Bendezu-Quispe , Franco León, Joel Moreno, Fiorella Inga-Berrospi (Perú)
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7848
Gender, women and scientific research
Camila Vargas, Mariane Lutz, Cristian Papuzinski, Marcelo Arancibia (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7857
Number of COVID-19 cases in Chile at 120 days with data at 21/03/2020 and threshold of daily effort to flatten the epi-curve
Fernando Córdova-Lepe, Rodrigo Gutiérrez-Aguilar, Juan Pablo Gutiérrez-Jara (Chile)
Short communication
Knowledge translation: Cochrane, Wikipedia and students’ initiatives
Nahir Aucar, Andrés Viteri García, Daniel Simancas-Racines, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco (Argentina, Ecuador).
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7859
Research paper
A cross-sectional study on the characteristics and factors associated with the clinical course of child and adolescent patients hospitalized in a public child and adolescent psychiatric unit of Chile
María José Barker, Fanny Leyton, Jana Stojanova, Marcelo Briceño, Luis Alberto Dueñas, Marcelo Arancibia (Chile).
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7853
Out-of-pocket expenditure on medicines and supplies in Peru in 2007 and 2016
Akram Hernández, Rodrigo Vargas, Luisa Magallanes, Guido Bendezu (Perú)
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7833
Colleges of royal physicians and isolation hospitals to control public hygiene in Chile from 1879 to 1920
Juan Mansilla Sepúlveda, Claudia Huaiquián Billeke, Jaime Díaz Córdova, Mario Pellón Arcaya, Germán Moreno Leiva, Juan Guillermo Estay Sepúlveda, Leónidas Arias Poblete (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7841
Acknowledgments of reviewers, 2019
Vivienne C. Bachelet
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7851
The social determinants of child malnutrition in Colombia from a family medicine perspective
Mónica Vargas, Erwin Hernández (Colombia).
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7839
Clinical practice
Perioperative management of paragangliomas and pheochromocytomas
Magdalena Fermandois, Jaime Altamirano, Felipe Rojas, Cristóbal Román, Iván Pinto (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7836
Case report
Different approaches in the management of macular hemorrhage: Case reports and a literature review
Jaime Leonel Quiroz-Mendoza, Diego Alejandro Valera-Cornejo, Marlon García-Roa, Paulina Ramírez-Neria, Yolanda Villalpando-Gómez, Verónica Romero-Morales, Renata García-Franco (México).
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7831
A case report of Noonan syndrome diagnosed in primary healthcare
Jenny Villaroel-Vargas, Lucía Molina-Vargas, Andrea Zurita-Leal, Alicia Zavala-Calahorrano (Ecuador)
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7826
Chilean legislation on bioequivalence and biosimilarity and current controversies related to drug interchangeability
Jana Stojanova, Mariane Lutz, Gabriel Lazcano, Marcelo Arancibia (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7825
Review Article
Is clinical simulation an effective learning tool in teaching clinical ethics?
José Luis Calleja, Alix Soublette Sánchez, Paola Radedek Soto (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(2):e7824