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Letter to the editor
Current medical education: medical content on Instagram® in COVID-19’s time in Peru
Ramón Rolando Cámara-Reyes, Danilo Obregón-Gavilán (Peru)
Medwave 2020;20(10):e8070
Original paper
Clinical and epidemiological characterization of patients with psoriasis and the prescription of biological therapy in Venezuela: a cross-sectional study
Jairo Rojano Rada, Paulette Terán Pereira, Liliana López Grassa (Venezuela)
Medwave 2020;20(10):e8064
Three questions on COVID-19: testing, infectiousness, and school opening
Vivienne C. Bachelet (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(10):e8068
Original paper
Prognosis of patients with COVID-19 admitted to a tertiary center in Chile: A cohort study
Miguel Araujo, Paola Ossandón, Ana María Abarca, Ana María Menjiba, Ana María Muñoz (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(10):e8066
Sexual transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus and its role in the spread of COVID-19: A living systematic review protocol
Giuliano Duarte, Luis Ortiz Muñoz, María Belén Morales, María Paz Acuña, Gabriel Rada (Chile).
Medwave 2020;20(10):e8062
Clinical review
Essential aspects for the administration of blood components in hospitalized patients: A narrative literature review
Bastian Abarca Rozas, Jocelyn Vargas Urra, Pavan Dadlani Mahtani, Jorge Widerström Isea, Manuel Mestas Rodríguez (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(10):e8060
Prediction of end of lockdown post-peak of cases in first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Chile
David San Martín-Roldán, Francisca Rojo-Lazo, Aracelis Calzadilla-Núñez, Pablo San Martín-Roldán, Patricia Díaz-Calzadilla, Víctor P Díaz-Narváez (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(10):e8057
Case report
A report of successful management with simvastatin plus ezetimibe in alopecia areata
Javier Arellano, Carolina Carrasco, Carolina García (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(10):e8053
Short communication
HIV and SARS-CoV-2: points to consider to face this new pandemic
Alfonso Agustín Prieto Pozo, Francisco Luis Daniel Salvador Sagüez (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(9):e8049
Identificación y análisis de los ensayos clínicos intervencionales planificados y registrados sobre COVID-19
Luis Armando Solano-Sandí, Mónica Cambronero-Valverde, Guadalupe Herrera-Watson (Costa Rica)
Medwave 2020;20(9):e8051
Systematic review
Stakeholders' perceptions of humanized birth practices and obstetric violence in Chile: A scoping review
Anamaría Silva, Francisco Pantoja, Yoselyn Millón, Verónica Hidalgo, Jana Stojanova, Marcelo Arancibia, Cristian Papuzinski, Luna Sánchez, Michelle Campos (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(9):e8047
Predictive modeling to estimate the demand for intensive care hospital beds nationwide in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
Víctor Hugo Peña, Alejandra Espinosa (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(9):e8039
Characterization and analysis of the basic elements of health payment mechanisms and their most frequent types
Daniela Paredes-Fernández, Rony Lenz-Alcayaga, Karla Hernández-Sánchez, Jael Quiroz-Carreño (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(9):e8041
Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists in chronic central serous chorioretinopathy
Ana Sanhueza, Raúl González (Chile)
Medwave 2020;20(08):e8035
Clinical review
Origin, structural characteristics, prevention measures, diagnosis and potential drugs to prevent and COVID-19
Norma Francenia Santos Sánchez, Raúl Salas Coronado (México)
Medwave 2020;20(8):e8037
Original paper
Excess mortality in Metropolitan Lima during the COVID-19 pandemic: A district level comparison
Akram Hernández-Vásquez, Jesús Eduardo Gamboa-Unsihuay, Rodrigo Vargas-Fernández, Diego Azañedo (Peru)
Medwave 2020;20(8):e8032