World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) announces free eLearning Program

Medical journal editors play a critical role in health-related scholarly publishing. Evaluating authors' research, sending it for peer review, requesting needed revisions, and selecting which content should be published are all steps in the essential progression from writing up to publishing research. Research integrity is increasingly facing such threats as predatory and pseudo-journals, paper mills, and AI-generated content. Medical journal editors need to have the knowledge and tools to evaluate research content and implement best practices. However, until now, medical journal editors have not had formal training that is up to date, accessible online, and free.

Now, the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) announces the launch of the eLearning Program (eLP), a free online program designed for medical journal editors and available to anyone involved in scholarly publishing. Addressing topics from developing an Editorial Board and the process of peer review to conflicts of interest, research ethics, and scientific misconduct, to publishing, indexing, copyright, corrections, and many more, the eLP incorporates best practice standards from COPEICMJEWAME and others, with Core Competencies for editors of biomedical science and timely citations from the literature. The eLP includes pre- and post-tests and case scenarios to apply knowledge. Certificates are offered to those completing the Program. Furthermore, the eLP provides additional content specifically oriented for journals with fewer resources and those from low- and middle-income countries.

The World Association of Medical Editors' (WAME) eLearning Program (eLP) addresses the needs of editors, reviewers, authors, and others in scholarly publishing to learn about editing and publishing scholarly journals.

It includes 28 sections on a range of topics and covers all of the Core Competencies of Scientific Editors of Biomedical Journals. WAME's mission includes educating medical journal editors, so the eLP is free for everyone, even those who are not WAME members.

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