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Job satisfaction and motivation in obstetric professionals of a Chilean hospital

Satisfacción laboral y motivación en profesionales obstetras en un hospital en Chile


The main asset of an organization is its workers. Special attention must be paid to their motivation and satisfaction and also to how they relate to performance. Job satisfaction of health care professionals is directly related to the quality of care provided, hence the importance of its measurement. Dissatisfaction can negatively impact the quality of care. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of satisfaction and work motivation of the midwifery professionals of the Hospital of Puerto Montt (Chile). We used a quantitative, descriptive, and cross-sectional study. To measure motivation, we used the Job Diagnostic Survey, and to measure satisfaction, we used the SL-SPC scale. It was possible to determine that the professionals have medium-high levels of motivation in all the dimensions studied. Regarding satisfaction factors, the study showed a medium-low level, in most of the factors measured.

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