Health policy

Effectiveness of sugar-sweetened beverages taxes to reduce obesity: evidence brief for policy

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Public health policies in Chile: seeking to regain trust

Cristóbal Cuadrado

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Conceptual clarifications regarding Chilean Act 20850 on public funding of high-cost diseases

Miguel Hugo Kottow Lang

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Bioethical responsibilities of the health authority in health care and biomedical research

Rodrigo A. Salinas, Max C. Fuenzalida

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Towards a comprehensive policy for health workers

Carlos Becerra, Tania Herrera

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¿Are health services universal in Mexico?

Donovan Casas Patiño, Alejandra Rodríguez Torres

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Right to Health: concept in Chile vis-à-vis UN declaration

Fernando Rosas Carrasco

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Are we facing a "Colombia effect" on social security and health in Chile?

Fernando Rosas Carrasco

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