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Designing a hosting area as an advanced nursing care strategy in a pediatric nursing ward

Diseño de un espacio de acogida como estrategia de cuidados avanzados en enfermería en un servicio de pediatría


Background: The most important comfort needs for caregivers are related to improving their hospital stay conditions, with more comfortable waiting rooms, a place to sleep, a toilette with shower, food and a safe place where to leave their belongings. Objective: To implement a hosting area that meets the comfort needs of parents who do not have their own accommodations during the hospitalization of their children. Methodology: Innovative strategies in providing advanced nursing care based on the theoretical model of Kolcaba, which allows us to bring the discipline of nursing care into practice, in direct benefit of patients. Results: We expect an increase in comfort perception of parents during hospitalization, which will lead to increased alertness of parents, effective participation in child care, improved response to educational interventions and effective linkages with the caring team. Conclusions: A hosting area for parents of hospitalized children, designed to meet the most important comfort needs reported in the literature and contextualized according to Kolcaba’s theory, can contribute to implement advanced nursing care, recovering the essence of nursing at the Pediatrics Service of the UC Hospital.