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Effectiveness and safety of methylphenidate for ADHD in population between 6 and 19 years: a systematic review

Evaluación de la efectividad y seguridad del metilfenidato para déficit atencional en población entre 6 y 19 años: revisión sistemática


Introduction: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is generally treated with pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions. Methylphenidate is the most widely used drug and is available to most patients. Purpose: To identify, synthesize and evaluate the best available evidence on the effectiveness and safety of methylphenidate (MPH) in ADHD in the 6-19 year-old population. Methods: A systematic review of intervention studies was conducted with time limit February, 2012, in English and Spanish. The following databases were consulted: PubMed/MEDLINE, LILACS, Cochrane, DARE and National Guideline Clearinghouse. The articles were independently evaluated by two investigators and were assessed for methodological quality. Results: Of the 377 studies found initially, 14 were included, including two systematic reviews, 7 primary articles on therapeutic interventions and 5 clinical guidelines. Most of the studies have shortcoming with regards to search strategies, critical analysis, small samples and low Jadad scale. Conclusions: MPH is superior to placebo for moderate to severe cases of ADHD in the of 6-19 year-old population.