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Health and society: towards a human-centered medicine

Sociedad y salud: enfoque de una medicina más humana

Dear editor:

Human medicine, beyond the biological approach and determination of the root rooted from its origins, has had, over the years, and has coquetized with different perspectives and paradigms as a function of time and teachers Results of acquiring knowledge of their science. It is then - with the advent of technological development, with the progress of pseudociences and factual sciences per se, with the immorality of the masses, with the loss of ethics and human sense [1] - that human medicine has remained (Only), where the lucrative is justified by the need for mercantilist progress and satisfaction, where the false is dictated in four walls and is pronounced with the terms "evidence based", when those who even imagine it have not evidenced Nothing Of what has been in their basic books, and therefore can not translate their ideas but replicate them "under strict criteria of qualification and quality" [2].

To think about the human, it is believed, is to lose the seriousness of the priority, we learn it in the chair. The summary of reality must be the transforming factor of the young minds who follow the medical profession. Society needs health, and can not get it by curing the disease, unique. We can not speak of "duality", because we fall into the false and the absurd, but I can think of a "synergy" when trying to believe in a biological and social interaction. I quote Miguel Ángel Tresierra [3], when they define absolutizing the biological ignores social action, and absolutizes the social, underestimates the biological; We must create a loop between both phenomena, starting from the essence of human medicine: transforming the perception of the state and the well-being of the being.


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