Bioethics and aging

Domingo Castillo

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An epidemiological and diagnostic update on tuberculosis

Carolina Sánchez G.

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Cancer patients in ICU

Claudio Painemal

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Health problems in natural disasters

Paloma Saul Pino

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Alterations of left-right asymmetry and primary ciliary dyskinesia

Carolina Sugg Herrera

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Allergy to NSAIDs

Paola Toche Pinaud

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Vegetarian diets in children

Catalina Le Roy Olivos

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Pet therapy

Marcela Varas Alvarez

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Human papillomavirus: from biology to the clinic

José Manuel Ojeda F.

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Screening in bipolar disorders: Chilean experience

Paul Vöhringer C.

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Current topics in nuclear medicine for the internist

Teresa Massardo

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Oncology: CT evaluation with positron emission

Patricio González E.

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Vasculitis of the child

Liana Schlesinger

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Cardiac arrhythmia

Mauricio Cereceda

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Liver cirrosis: modern management of old complications

Danny Oksenberg

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