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Literature review on studies of women who have sex with women

Revisión narrativa sobre estudios de mujeres que tienen sexo con mujeres


Women who have sex with other women are a group that has been mostly invisible from public health policies. This category includes the group of lesbians, bisexual women, heterosexual behaviour, and homosexual practices, who have sexual relations with transsexual and transgender (trans) women and trans men who have sex with women. In the absence of a Spanish literature review of a study that addresses women who have sex with other women, a narrative bibliographic review was done using the PubMed/MEDLINE, Scopus, Dialnet, and Taylor and Francis databases. From a universe of 679 articles and after applying the inclusion criteria, 40 documents were analysed, from 1998 to 2019. Three meta-categories were identified (sexual education, the incidence of certain sexually transmitted infections, and aspects related to sexual practices), concerning prevention and risky behaviours. Women who have sex with other women are a particularly vulnerable group when it comes to sexually transmitted infections. These may include bacterial vaginitis, human papillomavirus and acquired immunodeficiency virus. Likewise, there is a lack of specific training and information in health and education professionals, as well as in women who have sex with other women.

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