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Quality servuction

Servucción y calidad


The concept of servuction is a particular view of management, considered as a service production system, i.e. the visible part of the organization in which services are produced, distributed and consumed. The major contribution of the approach is not semantic – it is conceptual, as it puts the emphasis on service quality as a result of the servuction system, a differentiating feature that is increasingly important for business survival. Health organizations are very much oriented towards service production, something that is extremely complex in the service industry because, in contrast to manufacturing, services do not undergo quality control before being consumed or used by clients. Furthermore, health services may affect lives and patient security. Thus, the concept of quality in the production of services is being considered each time more in health care organizations. Health production is a process where the final product is the consequence of health care actions that are consumed by the patient. From this standpoint, health care facilities will provide as many final products as patients that are diagnosed and treated.