Sponsors and funding


Medwave Estudios Limitada.


Medwave is supported esclusively by author publishing charges and the pro bono colaboration of its editorial board (editors-in-chief and associate editors).

Publicity and advertisements

Medwave does not receive any kind of funding or paid advertisement from the pharmaceutical industry. Medwave is willing to put up ads for other economic sectors that do not create potential competing interests, or that could be seen as compromising its editorial independence.

Author charges

Medwave will charge authors in order to cover publication and processing costs of their articles, especially when manuscripts declare institutional funding, both for research conduct or for manuscript preparation, or when one or more authors have commercial affiliations.

Payments will be made to Medwave Estudios Limitada, the Journal's publisher. These charges do not cover article translation costs.

Authors without institutional sponsorship or funding will also have to pay editorial processing charges. The fees are reported here.

Latest update

July 30, 2020