Primary care

Syndrome of premature delivery and its consequences

Jorge Carvajal

Medwave 203;3(09):e1959

( 1/10/2011)

Diabetes mellitus: classification, pathophysiology, and diagnosis

Gloria López Stewart

Medwave 209;9(12):e4315

( 1/12/2009)

Antibiotics in Ambulatory Pediatrics II: Strategies to promote rational use

Marcelo Maturana Riquelme

Medwave 209;9(11):e4267

( 1/11/2009)

Antibiotics in ambulatory pediatrics I: antibiotic use and bacterial resistance

Marcelo Maturana Riquelme

Medwave 209;9(10):e4220

( 1/10/2009)

Cardiac arrhythmia

Claudia García

Medwave 209;9(09):e4151

( 1/09/2009)


Alejandra Hernández Gómez

Medwave 209;9(07):e4041

( 1/08/2009)

Cardiac arrhythmia: electrophysiology of benign arrhythmia

Claudia García

Medwave 209;9(08):e4077

( 1/08/2009)

Cross infections in ambulatory health practices

Luis Delpiano Méndez

Medwave 209;9(06):e3987

( 1/06/2009)

Speech therapy and pediatrics

Rodrigo Morales Fernández

Medwave 209;9(05):e3920

( 1/05/2009)

The best feeding schedule in the first year of life

María Jesús Rebollo García

Medwave 209;9(04):e3858

( 1/04/2009)

What is biotechnology and what are GM foods?

Francisco Moraga Mardones

Medwave 209;9(02):e3775

( 1/02/2009)

Monitoring system of adverse events from vaccines

Jaime Inostroza

Medwave 208;8(04):e425

( 1/05/2008)

Quality of medicines and vaccines and their prescription: ethical issues

Gladys Bórquez

Medwave 208;8(03):e1992

( 1/04/2008)

Drug quality and importance for prescription

Jose Manuel Cousiño Lagarrigue

Medwave 208;8(02):e1994

( 1/03/2008)

Maternal depression

Sofía Ortiz

Medwave 207;7(11):e1980

( 1/12/2007)