Migración internacional, inseguridad alimentaria y salud mental: protocolo de una revisión de alcance

Alice Blukacz, Báltica Cabieses, Catalina Huerta, Amelia A. Lake, Jo Smith, Emma L. Giles, Faye Deane

Medwave 2024;24(4):e2802


Protocol for a systematic mapping review of surgical and pharmacological interventions for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

Dominga Ladevig, Valentina Veloso, Camila Ávila-Oliver

Medwave 2024;24(4):e2759

( 8/05/2024)

Strength-based Video-feedback to improve maternal sensitivity in mother-infant dyads with maternal depressive symptoms: Study protocol for a randomized controlled feasibility trial

Marcia Olhaberry, Fanny Leyton, Javier Morán-Kneer, María José León, Catalina Sieverson, Antonia Muzard, Carolina Honorato, Karin Ensink, Norka Malberg, Patrick Luyten, Stefanella Costa-Cordella

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Methodological considerations in the study of perceived discrimination at work: a scoping review protocol

Gonzalo Bravo, Alejandra Fuentes-Garcia, María Arriagada, Hector Ignacio Castellucci

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Sexual transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus and its role in the spread of COVID-19: A living systematic review protocol

Giuliano Duarte, Luis Ortiz-Muñoz, María Belén Morales, María Paz Acuña, Gabriel Rada, COVID-19 L·OVE Working Group

Medwave 2020;20(10):e8062


Effectiveness of telerehabilitation in physical therapy: A protocol for an overview in a time when rapid responses are needed

Pamela Serón, María-José Oliveros, Rocío Fuentes-Aspe, Ruvistay Gutiérrez-Arias

Medwave 2020;20(07):e7970

( 4/08/2020)

Prevalence and incidence of dental caries associated with the effect of tooth brushing and fluoride varnishing in schoolchildren at Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: Protocol of the EESO-Gal study

Andrés Viteri-García, Juan Marcos Parise-Vasco, María José Cabrera-Dávila, María Christel Zambrano-Bonilla, Ingrid Ordonez-Romero, María Gabriela Maridueña-León, Andrea Caiza-Rennella, Andrea Zambrano-Mendoza, Celia Ponce-Faula, Martha Pérez-Granja, Ana Armas-Vega

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Diagnostic accuracy of salivary biomarkers for oral cancer and potentially malignant disorders: A systematic review protocol

Meisser Madera, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco, Ivan Solà, Xavier Bonfill, Ingrid Arévalo-Rodriguez

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Physicians’ perspectives about medical sources of information: protocol for an overview of systematic reviews

Gabriela Urrea, Natalia Carvajal-Juliá, Camila Arcos, Javier Pérez-Bracchiglione

Medwave 2020;20(05):e7921


Evidence synthesis relevant to COVID-19: a protocol for multiple systematic reviews and overviews of systematic reviews

Gabriel Rada, Francisca Verdugo-Paiva, Camila Ávila, Macarena Morel-Marambio, Rocío Bravo-Jeria, Franco Pesce, Eva Madrid, Ariel Izcovich

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( 1/04/2020)

Effectiveness of digital interventions based on mobile phones for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections: A systematic review protocol

Giuliano Duarte, Jairo Vanegas, Gonzalo Bravo, Gabriel Rada, Tomás Pantoja

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Designing a hosting area as an advanced nursing care strategy in a pediatric nursing ward

Paola Pino A., Carolina Monasterio O., Alfonso Cox M.

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