Methodological notes

Systematic reviews: Key concepts for health professionals

Nadia Sgarbossa, Matías Ibáñez Cobaisse, Gabriel González Cianciulli, Javier Bracchiglione, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco

Medwave 2022;22(9):e2622


Key concepts for searching evidence: an introduction for healthcare professionals

Leonel Fabrizio Trivisonno, Camila Escobar Liquitay, Laura Vergara-Merino, Javier Pérez-Bracchiglione, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco

Medwave 2022;22(01):e002512

( 7/01/2022)

How to interpret diagnostic tests

Ignacio Pérez, Iara Yamila Taito-Vicenti, Catalina Gracia González-Xuriguera, Cristhian Carvajal, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco, Cristóbal Loézar

Medwave 2021;21(07):e8432

( 4/08/2021)

Introduction to network meta-analysis for evidence synthesis

Catalina Gracia González-Xuriguera, Laura Vergara-Merino, Luis Garegnani, Luis Ortiz-Muñoz, Nicolás Meza

Medwave 2021;21(06):e8315


The GRADE approach, Part 2: Evidence to decision frameworks—outlining decision-making in health

Carlos Quilodrán, Matías Kirmayr, Bárbara Valente, Javier Pérez-Bracchiglione, Luis Garegnani, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco

Medwave 2021;21(04):e8182

( 7/05/2021)

Graphical representation of the body of the evidence: the essentials for understanding the evidence gap map approach

Bastián Schuller-Martínez, Nicolás Meza, Javier Pérez-Bracchiglione, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco, Cristóbal Loezar, Eva Madrid

Medwave 2021;21(03):e8164


Minimal clinically important difference: The basics

Julieta Aldana Salas Apaza, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco, Nicolás Meza, Eva Madrid, Cristobal Loézar, Luis Garegnani

Medwave 2021;21(03):e8149

( 7/04/2021)

What you need to know about scoping reviews

Catalina Verdejo, Luis Tapia-Benavente, Bastián Schuller-Martínez, Laura Vergara-Merino, Manuel Vargas-Peirano, Ana María Silva-Dreyer

Medwave 2021;21(02):e8144


The GRADE approach, Part 1: how to assess the certainty of the evidence

Matías Kirmayr, Carlos Quilodrán, Bárbara Valente, Cristóbal Loezar, Luis Garegnani, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco

Medwave 2021;21(02):e8109


Rapid reviews: definitions and uses

Luis Tapia-Benavente, Laura Vergara-Merino, Luis Ignacio Garegnani, Luis Ortiz-Muñoz, Cristóbal Loézar Hernández, Manuel Vargas-Peirano

Medwave 2021;21(01):e8090

( 5/01/2021)

Living systematic review: new inputs and challenges

Laura Vergara-Merino, Catalina Verdejo, Cynthia Carrasco, Manuel Vargas-Peirano

Medwave 2020;20(11):e8092


How to interpret clinical trials with sequential analysis that were stopped early

Luis Ignacio Garegnani, Marcelo Arancibia, Eva Madrid, Juan Víctor Ariel Franco

Medwave 2020;20(05):e7930

( 5/06/2020)

Clinical practice guidelines: Concepts, limitations and challenges

Juan Víctor Ariel Franco, Marcelo Arancibia, Nicolás Meza, Eva Madrid, Karin Kopitowski

Medwave 2020;20(3):e7887


General concepts in biostatistics and clinical epidemiology: Experimental studies with randomized clinical trial design

Sebastián Estrada, Marcelo Arancibia, Jana Stojanova, Cristian Papuzinski

Medwave 2020;20(04):e7869

( 8/04/2020)

General concepts in biostatistics and clinical epidemiology: observational studies with cohort design

Gabriel Lazcano, Cristian Papuzinski, Eva Madrid, Marcelo Arancibia

Medwave 2019;19(11):e7748