The Spanish psychiatric reform in perspective: achievements, pending issues, and the crisis

Francisco Torres-González

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Immunity and Helicobacter pylori

Paul Harris

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Evaluation and functional training in the elderly

Claudio Montejo, Marta Toledo, Claudia Corvalán

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Active aging, a philosophy supported by physical activity: my vision

Juan Carlos Molina Yons

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Hip fracture in the elderly: management and treatment

Alejandro Opazo

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Practical aspects for the prevention of preeclampsia

Sebastián Illanes

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What's new in intrapartum electronic fetal monitoring? NIH Consensus Analysis 2008

Ricardo Gómez

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Safety indicators: how to measure security and insecurity of care?

Pedro Saturno

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Setting priorities for effective resource allocation in developing countries

Benjamin O. Anderson

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Health policies in contexts of crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean

Ginés González García

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Public policies to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Latin America

Enrique Ganuza

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Regulation and choice in health systems

Pere Ibern

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Panel: The challenges facing health policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Panel: In crisis, more or less regulation? Health superintendents in Latin America

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