Adrenal incidentalomas: diagnostic radiology

Francisco Javier Medina

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Pediatric emergency medicine: Triage and resources

Peter Gleaser

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Care of children and adolescents with special health care needs

María Eugenia Ávalos Anguita

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Chronic patient care: the abuse that we miss

Nereyda Concha

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Long-term effects of early nutrition: epidemiological evidence

David Barker

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Sexual and reproductive rights in clinical practice

Dorothy Shaw

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Sleeve gastrectomy in obese patients

Italo Braghetto

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Preeclampsia: new concepts on an old problem

Phyllis August

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Severe urological trauma

Antonio Daviú

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Sleep disorders in older adults

Cathy Alessi

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Role of vasodilators in the creation of the uteroplacental unit

Gloria Valdés

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Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer

Eugenio Suárez Pacheco

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TORCH study and mortality in COPD: a change in treatment paradigm?

Bartolomé R. Celli

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Search for biomarkers and new therapeutic strategies in COPD

Bartolomé R. Celli

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