Short communications

population analysis of the CLOCK rs3749474T-rs4864548A haplotype and its relationship with obesity

Sergio Flores Carrasco, Mariela Olguín-Barraza, Angel Roco-Videla

Medwave 2023;23(9):e2735

( 3/10/2023)

Preference of medical specialties among medical students in a Chilean university

Joaquin Zuñiga-Soria, Karla Soria-Barreto, Martin Zuñiga-Soria, Francisco Riveros-Montero

Medwave 2022;22(4):e2687

( 4/05/2023)

Exploring physicians' perception of diagnostic information in clinical practice

Vivienne C. Bachelet, Robin Osorio, Diego Silva-Villalobos, Camilo Urzúa-Álvarez, María S. Navarrete

Medwave 2023;23(1):e2665


Implementation experience of an informatic system for the management of hospital beds

Camilo Guerrero-Nancuante, Carla Taramasco, Lucy Armstrong-Barea

Medwave 2022;22(11):e2618

( 6/12/2022)

Perception on phone medical report to family members of patients admitted by COVID-19 to emergency observation rooms of a tertiary hospital: A cross-sectional study

Rolando Vásquez-Alva, Raúl A. Ruiz-Arias, Faria P. Bernui-Bobadilla, Julio R. Roldán-López, Sara C. Zamora-Chávez, Andrea M. Lara-Paredes, Omar Méndez-García

Medwave 2022;22(8):e002517

( 9/09/2022)

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Current topics

Experience of the medical personnel of a peruvian public hospital in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Raul Montalvo, Armida Rojas

Medwave 2022;22(S3):e2602

( 9/11/2022)

Decline of cytology-based cervical cancer screening for COVID-19: a single-center Peruvian experience

Víctor Rojas-Zumaran, Eder Walttuoni-Picón, Gerardo Campos-Siccha, Gloria Cruz-Gonzales, Lilian Huiza-Espinoza, Jeel Moya-Salazar

Medwave 2022;22(S3):e2589

( 7/11/2022)

Feeling prepared to face COVID-19 pandemic among Venezuelans in Chile: findings from an opinion poll

Báltica Cabieses, Florencia Darrigrandi, Alice Blukacz, Alexandra Obach, Claudia Silva

Medwave 2021;21(1):e8103

( 9/02/2021)

Gender, women and scientific research

Camila Vargas, Mariane Lutz, Cristian Papuzinski, Marcelo Arancibia

Medwave 2020;20(02):e7857


Point-of-care ultrasound in critically ill patients in developing countries of Latin America

Anselmo Abdo-Cuza, Pablo Blanco

Medwave 2019;19(09):e7709


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Health policy

Effectiveness of sugar-sweetened beverages taxes to reduce obesity: evidence brief for policy

Josefina Bascuñán, Cristóbal Cuadrado

Medwave 2017;17(08):e7054


Public health policies in Chile: seeking to regain trust

Cristóbal Cuadrado

Medwave 2016;16(08):e6532

( 7/09/2016)

Conceptual clarifications regarding Chilean Act 20850 on public funding of high-cost diseases

Miguel Hugo Kottow Lang

Medwave 2016;16(03):e6436

( 1/05/2016)

Bioethical responsibilities of the health authority in health care and biomedical research

Rodrigo A. Salinas, Max C. Fuenzalida

Medwave 2015;15(01):e6071

( 4/02/2015)

Towards a comprehensive policy for health workers

Carlos Becerra, Tania Herrera

Medwave 2014;14(10):e6041


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Ethical challenges in research regarding aging population

Mariane Lutz

Medwave 2023;23(8):e2714

( 7/09/2023)

Reflections on death in the time of Covid-19

Donovan Casas Patiño

Medwave 2022;22(04):e002554


Bioethical issues on the access to drugs in the practice of ophthalmology in Colombia

María de los Ángeles Mazzanti-di Ruggiero, María Elvira Sarmiento-Dueñas, Erwin Hernando Hernández-Rincón, María Alejandra Martínez-Ceballos, Juliana Muñoz-Ortiz

Medwave 2019;19(02):e7585

( 8/03/2019)

Medical consultation, time and duration

Alejandra Rodríguez Torres, Edgar C. Jarillo Soto, Donovan Casas Patiño

Medwave 2018;18(05):e7264


Challenges facing the Cuban State arising from demographic aging

Ana María Ramos-Monteagudo, Mirtha Juliana Yordi-García

Medwave 2018;18(04):e7231


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Public health problems

Burns: Why give special attention to adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean from a primary health prevention perspective?

Alice Blukacz, Rodrigo Fuentes, Báltica Cabieses, Alexandra Obach, Carmina Domic, Carola Paredes, Rolando Saavedra, Jorge Rojas-Zegers

Medwave 2023;23(5):e2679


Remarks on “Temporomandibular Disorders: Priorities for Research and Care”: how will Chile advance?

Juan Fernando Oyarzo, Manolis Jusakos, Charles Greene, Richard Ohrbach

Medwave 2023;23(1):e2648


Healthy sustainable food patterns and systems: a planetary urgency

Mariane Lutz

Medwave 2021;21(07):e8436

( 7/08/2021)

Pre-existing conditions in Latin America and factors associated with adverse outcomes of COVID-19: A review

Teresa Balboa-Castillo, Omar Andrade-Mayorga, Gabriel Nasri Marzuca-Nassr, Gladys Morales Illanes, Manuel Ortiz, Ingrid Schiferlli, Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, Álvaro Soto, Jorge Sapunar

Medwave 2021;21(04):e8180

( 4/05/2021)

The social determinants of child malnutrition in Colombia from a family medicine perspective

Mónica Vargas, Erwin Hernández

Medwave 2020;20(2):e7839


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Historical notes and reviews

Living in the midst of miasmas: The social issue of Chile between 1880 and 1920

Marcos Parada-Ulloa, Karina Vásquez-Burgos, Pedro Villasana-López, Andrés Meza-Prambs, Ada Lucía Gallegos Ruiz-Conejo, Juan Pablo Catalán-Cueto, Sandra Garrido-Osses, Juan Bautista Abello-Romero

Medwave 2020;20(4):e7896


Colleges of royal physicians and isolation hospitals to control public hygiene in Chile from 1879 to 1920

Juan Mansilla Sepúlveda, Claudia Huaiquián Billeke, Jaime Díaz Córdova, Mario Pellón Arcaya, Germán Moreno Leiva, Juan Guillermo Estay Sepúlveda, Leónidas Arias Poblete

Medwave 2020;20(02):e7841


Essential medicines: an overview of some milestones in the last forty years (1975-2013)

José Antonio Pagés

Medwave 2013;13(05):e5733


The results of Operation Access and the National Hemostasis and Thrombosis Program

Mario Donoso Scroppo

Medwave 2013;13(05):e5712


Hemophilia in Chile, 1996-2006

Mario Donoso Scroppo

Medwave 2013;13(05):e5711


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Family health in the Americas

Social representation of family support for diabetic patients in users of a family medicine unit in Chalco, State of Mexico

Alejandra Rodríguez Torres, Esteban Jaime Camacho Ruiz, María Del Consuelo Escoto Ponce de León, Georgina Contreras Landgrave, Donovan Casas Patiño

Medwave 2014;14(07):e6011


Family medicine and practice in the Mexican Social Security Institute

Donovan Casas Patiño, Edgar Jarillo Soto, Alejandra Rodríguez Torres

Medwave 2014;14(05):e5975


Impact of family medicine in the province of Granma, Cuba: an update with 2012 data

Yurieth Gallardo Sánchez, Elidia García Rodríguez, Yolemnia Rodríguez Noguera, Ruber Gallardo Arzuaga, Lázaro Aguilar Aguilar

Medwave 2013;13(11):e5865


Family medicine in Argentina

María Susana Bresca

Medwave 2013;13(04):e5661

( 8/05/2013)

Is family medicine responsive to current health problems and people’s needs?

Ruth Depaux Vega

Medwave 2013;13(03):e5644

( 3/04/2013)

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