Short communications

Challenges in surveillance of all cancer cases: The Chilean National Cancer Registry

Carla Taramasco, Carla Rimassa, Johana Acevedo

Medwave 2024;24(1):e2771


SARS-CoV-2 humoral immune response in patients with cardiovascular risk factors: The COmmunity Cohort Study

Vivienne C. Bachelet, Ignacio Silva-Ayarza, María S. Navarrete

Medwave 2023;23(11):e2787


Education on pain disciplines in physical therapy in Chile: In need of change

José Alfredo Órdenes-Mora, Laiza Moura Almeida-Terassi, Manuel Ahumada Wartemberg, Felipe J.J. Reis

Medwave 2023;23(11):e2713


population analysis of the CLOCK rs3749474T-rs4864548A haplotype and its relationship with obesity

Sergio Flores Carrasco, Mariela Olguín-Barraza, Angel Roco-Videla

Medwave 2023;23(9):e2735

( 3/10/2023)

Preference of medical specialties among medical students in a Chilean university

Joaquin Zuñiga-Soria, Karla Soria-Barreto, Martin Zuñiga-Soria, Francisco Riveros-Montero

Medwave 2022;22(4):e2687

( 4/05/2023)

Exploring physicians' perception of diagnostic information in clinical practice

Vivienne C. Bachelet, Robin Osorio, Diego Silva-Villalobos, Camilo Urzúa-Álvarez, María S. Navarrete

Medwave 2023;23(1):e2665


Implementation experience of an informatic system for the management of hospital beds

Camilo Guerrero-Nancuante, Carla Taramasco, Lucy Armstrong-Barea

Medwave 2022;22(11):e2618

( 6/12/2022)

Perception on phone medical report to family members of patients admitted by COVID-19 to emergency observation rooms of a tertiary hospital: A cross-sectional study

Rolando Vásquez-Alva, Raúl A. Ruiz-Arias, Faria P. Bernui-Bobadilla, Julio R. Roldán-López, Sara C. Zamora-Chávez, Andrea M. Lara-Paredes, Omar Méndez-García

Medwave 2022;22(8):e002517

( 9/09/2022)

Barriers and challenges around the mental health of refugees and asylum seekers in Chile

Alice Blukacz, Alejandra Carreño, Báltica Cabieses

Medwave 2022;22(01):e002521


A cross-sectional study of the scientific production of doctoral graduates in Peru

Percy Herrera-Añazco, Germán Valenzuela-Rodríguez, Ronald Hernández-Vásquez, Carlos J. Toro-Huamanchumo, Guido Bendezu-Quispe

Medwave 2021;21(09):e2119


The impact of COVID-19 preventive lockdowns on the prevalence of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

Sofia Waissbluth, Francisco García-Huidobro, Macarena Araya-Céspedes

Medwave 2021;21(03):e8174


Epidemiological behavior of COVID-19 in the early phase of the pandemic in Cuba

Edwar Parra Linares, Carlos Antonio Lanio Posada

Medwave 2021;21(01):e8111

( 9/02/2021)

How the COVID-19 pandemic affects specialty training: An analysis of a nationwide survey among otolaryngology residents in Chile

Matías L Álvarez, Sofia Waissbluth, Claudia González, Carla Napolitano, Mariela Torrente, Paul H Délano, Ricardo Alarcón, Francisca Fernández, Roger Bitrán

Medwave 2021;21(01):e8097

( 9/01/2021)

HIV and SARS-CoV-2: points to consider to face this new pandemic

Alfonso Agustín Prieto Pozo, Francisco Luis Daniel Salvador Sagüez

Medwave 2020;20(09):e8049


Bacterial colonization after applying an educational program: A quasi-experimental study

Raul Montalvo, Salome Ochoa, Carmen Baltazar, Armida Rojas, Felix Acuña, María Custodio, Dayana Barreto, Hylen Canto, Nilda Cárdenas, Néstor Flores

Medwave 2020;20(08):e8029