Clinical reviews

Community-acquired pneumonia: Epidemiology, diagnosis, prognostic severity scales, and new therapeutic options

Paulo Guilherme Oliveira e Silva, Luiz Alberto Cerqueira Batista Filho, Ismael Pérez Flores, Victoria Vilins e Silva, Alexandre Toledo Maciel, Larissa Seraphim Medeiros

Medwave 2023;23(11):e2719


Catatonia: A narrative review of its historical development, diagnosis, pathophysiology, and therapeutics

Marcelo Arancibia, Álvaro Cavieres, Ulises Ríos

Medwave 2023;23(6):e2703


Update on immunotherapy for renal cancer

Rodrigo Canales Rojas

Medwave 2021;21(05):e8202

( 4/06/2021)

What we know and don’t know on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

Ignacio Silva-Ayarza, Vivienne C Bachelet

Medwave 2021;21(04):e8198


Blood pressure and high altitude: physiological response and clinical management

Morin Lang, Grzegorz Bilo, Sergio Caravita, Gianfranco Parati

Medwave 2021;21(04):e8194


An update on the work-up and management of ankle fractures: A literature review

Pablo Ruiz, Jorge Filippi

Medwave 2021;21(03):e8130


Essential aspects for the administration of blood components in hospitalized patients: A narrative literature review

Bastian Abarca Rozas, Jocelyn Vargas Urra, Pavan Dadlani Mahtani, Jorge Widerström Isea, Manuel Mestas Rodríguez

Medwave 2020;20(10):e8060


Origin, structural characteristics, prevention measures, diagnosis and potential drugs to prevent and COVID-19

Norma Francenia Santos-Sánchez, Raúl Salas-Coronado

Medwave 2020;20(8):e8037


Cardiovascular implications of SARS-CoV-2 infection: A literature review

Mario B García-Saavedra, Renzo R Rosales-Gutiérrez, Esmeralda Valverde, Maryuri Chumbes-Aguirre, Ricardo Alvarado, Robert Polo, Rubén Azañero, Carlos Chávez

Medwave 2020;20(07):e8008


Current knowledge on Hashimoto's encephalopathy: a literature review

Isabel Pinedo-Torres, José Luis Paz-Ibarra

Medwave 2018;18(06):e7298


How to face a patient with benzodiazepine dependence in primary health care? Strategies for withdrawal

Josefina Aguiluz, Matías Álvarez, Eduardo Pimentel, Carolina Abarca, Philippa Moore

Medwave 2018;18(01):e7159


Brief interventions to promote behavioral change in primary care settings, a review of their effectiveness for smoking, alcohol and physical inactivity

Andrés Rosembaun, Pedro Rojas, María Victoria Rodriguez, Nicolás Barticevic, Solange Rivera Mercado

Medwave 2018;18(01):e7148


Fertility preservation in the oncology patient

Anibal Scarella Chamy, César Díaz-García, Sonia Herraiz, Jhenifer Kliemchen Rodrigues

Medwave 2017;17(09):e7090