Review article

Biomedical informatics: characterization of the offer of massive open online courses

Guido Bendezu-Quispe, L. Max Labán-Seminario, Miguel Ángel Arce-Huamani, Ramón R. Cámara-Reyes, Daniel Fernandez-Guzman, Brenda Caira-Chuquineyra, Diego Urrunaga-Pastor, Andrés Guido Bendezú-Martínez

Medwave 2022;22(11):e2631

( 5/12/2022)

Analysis of SEIR-type models used at the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic reported in high-impact journals

Ledyz Cuesta-Herrera, Luis Pastenes, Fernando Córdova-Lepe, Ariel D. Arencibia, Hugo Torres-Mantilla, Juan Pablo Gutiérrez-Jara

Medwave 2022;22(8):e2552


Vitamin D supplementation in inflammatory bowel disease: a narrative review

Mellany Zepeda, Julio Pérez, Carlos Doepking

Medwave 2022;22(01):e002525


Phycological debriefing in acute traumatic events: Evidence synthesis

Marcelo Arancibia, Fanny Leyton, Javier Morán, Andrea Muga, Ulises Ríos, Elisa Sepúlveda, Valentina Vallejo-Correa

Medwave 2022;22(01):e002538


Respondent-driven sampling: Advantages and disadvantages from a sampling method

María S. Navarrete, Constanza Adrian, Vivienne C. Bachelet

Medwave 2021;21(01):e002528

( 4/01/2022)

Dental recommendations in the COVID-19 pandemic: A narrative review

Juan Pablo Vargas-Buratovic, Francisca Verdugo-Paiva, Claudia Véliz-Paiva, Elizabeth López-Tagle, Alexis Ahumada-Salinas, Duniel Ortuño-Borroto

Medwave 2020;20(4):e7916

( 1/06/2020)

Care of ophthalmological patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: A rapid scoping review

Manuel Vargas-Peirano, Pamela Navarrete, Traccy Díaz, Gabriel Iglesias, Martin Hoehmann

Medwave 2020;20(4):e7902


Literature review on studies of women who have sex with women

Luis Manuel Rodríguez-Otero

Medwave 2020;20(3):e7884


Characteristics of compulsory service programs for medical professionals in the Andean states

Guido Bendezu-Quispe, Franco León, Joel Moreno, Fiorella Inga-Berrospi

Medwave 2020;20(02):e7848


Is clinical simulation an effective learning tool in teaching clinical ethics?

José Luis Calleja, Alix Soublette Sánchez, Paola Radedek Soto

Medwave 2020;20(02):e7824


Syntheses of biomedical information: narrative reviews, systematic reviews and emerging formats

Juan Víctor Ariel Franco, Marcelo Arancibia, Daniel Simancas-Racines, Eva Madrid

Medwave 2018;18(07):e7354


Literature review to identify standardized scales for assessing adult suicide risk in the primary health care setting

Carolina Abarca, Cecilia Gheza, Constanza Coda, Bernardita Elicer

Medwave 2018;18(5):e7246


Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) Ethical Guidelines: advancements and unsolved topics in 2016 upgrade

Marjorie Borgeat Meza, Ximena Luengo-Charath, Marcelo Arancibia, Eva Madrid

Medwave 2018;18(02):e7208