Epistemonikos Collection: Cannabinoids

Between 2016 and 2018 The EPISTEMONIKOS Foundation, in alliance with Medwave, published a series of papers based on Evidence Summaries or Living FRISBEEs (Living FRIendly Summary of the Body of Evidence using Epistemonikos) dedicated to the use and effect of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in different pathologies, which are grouped in this collection. 

We reviewed 675 relevant systematic reviews, from these we selected 151 systematic reviews and identified all the studies included for 82 diseases or symptoms where the evidence deals with the use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids for medicinal use. This work generated the summaries shown below.


Gabriel Rada

Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine and Director of the Centro Evidencia UC, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is co-founder, president and executive director of the Epistemonikos Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring independent, high quality information to all health decision makers through the use of information technologies.

Luis Ortiz-Muñoz

Methodologist at the Centro Evidencia UC, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Managing Editor at the Cochrane EPOC-Chile Satellite, Member of the direct team of the Early Career Professionals Cochrane Group, in charge of communications and knowledge transfer in Cochrane Chile and member of the communications and knowledge transfer team of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network. Director of the Cochrane associated center of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


Cannabinoids for the treatment of cannabis abuse disorder

Andrés Rodríguez, Cynthia Zavala

Medwave 2018;18(06):e7286


Are cannabinoids effective for fibromyalgia?

Matías Rocco, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2018;18(01):e7153


Do cannabinoids constitute a therapeutic alternative for insomnia?

Tania Contreras, Gonzalo Bravo-Soto, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2018;18(01):e7151


Do cannabinoids play a role in the control of glaucoma?

Javier Peña, Camila Jiménez, Jimena Schmidt

Medwave 2018;18(01):e7144


Are cannabinoids an alternative for cachexia-anorexia syndrome in patients with advanced cancer?

Claudia Cabeza, Oscar Corsi, Pedro Pérez-Cruz

Medwave 2017;17(09):e7130


Are cannabinoids effective for the management of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting?

Mariaignacia Morales, Oscar Corsi, José Peña

Medwave 2017;17(09):e7119


Are cannabinoids effective for HIV wasting syndrome?

Alejandra Núñez, Carolina Núñez, Oscar Corsi, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2017;17(09):e7107


Do cannabinoids constitute a therapeutic alternative for anorexia nervosa?

Tania Contreras, Gonzalo A Bravo-Soto, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2017;17(09):e7095

( 1/12/2017)

Is cannabidiol an effective treatment for schizophrenia?

Rami Guinguis, María Isabel Ruiz, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2017;17(07):e7010

( 9/08/2017)

Are cannabinoids effective for Parkinson’s disease?

Gonzalo A Bravo-Soto, Carlos Juri

Medwave 2017;17(Suppl2):e6974


Are cannabinoids an effective treatment for chronic non-cancer pain?

Rubén F Allende-Salazar, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2017;17(Suppl2):e6972


Are cannabinoids effective in multiple sclerosis?

Rodrigo Meza, Javier Peña, Karen García, Oscar Corsi, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2017;17(Suppl1):e6865


Are cannabinoids effective for epilepsy?

Javier Peña, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2017;17(Suppl1):e6821


Do cannabinoids have a role to play in Tourette’s syndrome?

Karen García, Gabriel Rada

Medwave 2016;16(Suppl5):e6793

( 9/12/2016)

Are cannabinoids effective for treatment of pain in patients with active cancer?

Diego Lobos Urbina, José Peña Durán

Medwave 2016;16(Suppl3):e6539